— Jill Phillips,  Burnside, SA

"The most valuable thing about the workshop for me is the radical change to my mindset about money. I now realize that I can be wealthy if I want. It’s up to me." more"

— Danijela Todan, Albert Park SA

"As a result of the workshop, I feel motivated to do something about my financial situation. I feel like I have been given some hope." more

— Anna Roth, Stockholm

"Nu förstår jag till fullo hur viktigt det är att ta mina djupaste värderingar på allvar. Jag såg hur litet jag tidigare har fokuserad på pengar och välstånd och vilken negativ effekt det har haft på mitt liv." more

— Carina Drugge, Årsta

"Nu förstår jag at jag behöver tänka på pengar for att tjäna pengar, och att jag kan våga vara rik! Avsnittet om hur man blir skuldfri var toppen, och nu ska jag rensa upp i min ekonomi och mitt liv. " more

Money Mastery Video Tip #1

OCTOBER 25, 2012

— Gabi Proc – St. Agnes, SA

"As a self-employed woman, I also loved learning how to charge for my services and how to feel confident in asking for top dollar." more

— Carina Axelsson, Vaxholm

"Jag förstår nu att det aldrig är försent att bryta gamla mönster och skapa rikedom. Jag är så tacksam att jag fick hjälp att hitta pusselbiten som alltid saknats i min syn på pengar. Det blev verkligen en riktig Aha-upplevelse! more

— Cath Pirie, Little Hampton, SA

"I am happy to report that it is completely the opposite in my current relationship. I now earn and manage my own money and answer to nobody!" more

— Christine Empson,  Adelaide SA

"I also learned some well-defined wealth creation steps that have made a big difference quickly and almost effortlessly and I now have a much stronger framework in place which will encourage my money to work for me rather than I for it" more

AUGUST 27, 2012

Money Mastery Video Tip #2

This second Money Mastery Video Tip talks about the importance of having a ‘Prosperity’ account

This first Money Mastery Video Tip talks about the importance of paying yourself first.

SEPTEMBER 26, 2012

Money Mastery Video Tip #3

This Money Mastery Video Tip #3 will give you powerful strategies on how to monitor your spending

— Coby Koster – Kensington, NSW

"I am also much more aware of my self-talk by the way. I use very different language and terms now when talking about my financial situation and don’t sound like a victim anymore." more

— Kirsty OShea,  Dover Heights, NSW

"For me, this workshop was the best investment I have ever made. The tools I learnt were incredibly easy and have changed my life forever. " more

— Janet Stubbings,  Whale Beach NSW

"A subject which I expected to be dry and boring you made fun and exciting. I learned so much over the weekend. I especially loved your debt-busting strategy which I have now put into practice and it works!" more

— Sandra Barnes,  Mona Vale NSW

"Thanks to you, I know what I need to do now to not only get out of debt but to stop the poverty cycle that has been plaguing me once and for all." more

JULY 28, 2012

Money Mastery Video Tip #4

Money Mastery Video Tip #4 talks about the importance of regularly updating your Statement Of Expenditure

— Diana Kleitmans, Phillip Bay, NSW

"She is highly professional, always punctual for our sessions and does what she says she will do. She is definitely ‘walking her talk’." more

— Sally Barnsdale,  Clifton Hill, VIC

"I was able to see for myself how I was sabotaging my success. It felt like the blinkers were taken off my eyes." more

— Lindy Johnson, Avalon, NSW

"I had a ball of anger inside me that my sessions with Camilla have helped me to uncoil." more

— Naomi Radke,  Kangaroo Ground, VIC

"Camilla has also helped me to break through my financial ‘glass ceiling’. As a result of the work we have done together, I have successfully made the transition from employee to the business owner." more

MAY 29, 2012

Money Mastery Video Tip #5

In this Money Mastery Video Tip #5 I talk about the importance of valuing money in order to become prosperous

— Suzi White from The White House Productions 2nd May 2010.

"...I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your Money Mastery for Women Seminar. It was a complete surprise! A subject I expected to be dry and boring you made fun of and exciting. I learned so much especially from “The Debt Buster” which I have now put into practice and it works! The supportive and safe environment of “women only” made for a great day of exploring money and our relationship to it. Thanks for a wonderful seminar. I not only learned a lot about money but had a great time and made new friends.

— Janet S, Whale Beach NSW

"Wow, what a fantastic seminar! It has only been a week since the workshop and I feel like I am a completely different person already. Seeing how my thoughts and old beliefs were stopping me from having wealth in my life has given me the opportunity to choose to do things differently. No more spending on ‘pain relief. Thanks to you, I now know what I need to do to not only get out of debt but to stop the poverty cycle that has been plaguing me once and for all. Thank you, Camilla, you have made a huge difference"

— Sandra Barnes, Mona Vale NSW

"It has given me tools and life skills that have set me up for life. Priceless!" more

MAY 01, 2012

Money Mastery Video Tip #6

Believe it or not but ‘time’ is the most valuable thing that you have. Learn why in this Money Mastery Video Tip #6

"The Money Mastery For Women seminar was extremely enlightening and informative and ‘fast passed’. I loved Camilla’s lively thought-provoking approach to money management for women. Since the workshop, I have created a new budgeting strategy and feel very empowered to create prosperous financial benefits for myself. The most powerful aspect of this course was the strategy on how to watch where your money actually goes and stop frivolous spending as the bigger picture became more apparent. I highly recommend this seminar to all who wish to start living with a positive, prosperous future."

— Pam Bradbury,  Scotland Island, NSW

APRIL 2, 2012

Money Mastery Video Tip #7

Money Mastery Video Tip #7 is all about Goal Setting

MARCH 03, 2012

Money Mastery Video Tip #8

In this Money Mastery Video Tip I talk about he importance of Gratitude and how having an ‘attitude of gratitude’ can have a powerful effect on your life.


Money Mastery Tips

Money Mastery Video Tip #9

FEBRUARY 04, 2012


This week we are going to explore the term financial independence. What does it mean and how can we achieve it?

When we dream of the ‘good life, most of us see ourselves as being able to do exactly what we please. For me, having financial freedom means that I can do “what I want when I want, wherever I want with whomever I want.”

Who doesn’t dream about vacationing in the Bahamas, sipping one of those umbrella drinks and basking in the sun while you idly check the status of your bank account online with your latest edition iPad or iPhone? This dream is summarized in two words: financial independence.

Many women feel that to achieve the financial independence they need to have amassed – either by working, winning, inheriting or marrying – a small fortune so that they can live off the interest.

Yes, having a fortune in the bank would be wonderful but for the majority of women, that is never going to be a reality. However, just because you don’t have a small fortune in the bank doesn’t mean that you cannot become financially independent.

For me, being financially independent means that I am generating enough money each month to cover my living expenses so that I no longer have to work if I don’t want to. By having my basic needs met I can then choose to put my time, effort and energy into whatever pursuits I like. Even if that pursuit is making more income for myself.

If I don’t have to work but rather work because I choose to then the pressure is off and I can relax and enjoy what I am doing. In other words, it is no longer ‘work’ and instead becomes ‘play’ and something that I do because I love it and want to do it.

We all understand the concept of working ‘time-for-dollar’. In other words where we give something our effort and energy for a certain period (hours, days, weeks, etc.) and in return we receive a certain number of dollars.

The problem with working time-for-dollar is that no matter how many dollars you can earn each hour, there are still only a limited number of hours that you can work each week. So your ability to amass a fortune is always ‘capped’ so to speak.

Even a top brain surgeon earning thousands of dollars for every operation can only do a certain number of operations each week.

In addition to having limited time, our earning capacity can also be stymied by ‘perceived limits on how much we can charge for our services. So a chiropractor for example can only charge the ‘going rate’ for a session or risk being under-priced by his competitors.

The secret to gaining financial freedom is to try and find ways to create income to cover your basic expenses so that you don’t have to work ‘time for dollar’.

Let’s say for example that you earn $250 per day doing what you do and that you work 8 hours per day 5 days per week. If you could find something that brings you in $250 regularly every month without having to work 8 hours for it then that is one day per month that you don’t have to go to work. If you can bring in $500 each month then that’s two days per month you don’t have to go to work… or two ‘long weekends’ you can take each month.

As a business/life coach I love helping my clients to find ways that they can earn money without having to work time for dollars for it. All it takes is a bit of imagination and creative thinking outside of the square.

Take for example a girl I know who loves to buy the very latest ‘must-have items – handbags, in particular, are her ‘thing’. Having the latest Prada or Louis Vuitton bag over her arm not only makes her feel great but gives her a certain status amongst her friends. The handbags she likes however are expensive – very expensive in fact – and it became more difficult for her to find the money to buy the latest bag each season.

So what did she do? She created a simple, easy-to-run business where she ‘rents’ out her handbags to her friends for a fee. Clever idea, no?

Not only is she able to keep buying the expensive handbags that she loves but after a couple of months once the kudos of being seen around town toting the new ‘it’ bag wears off she simply rents it out to one of her like-minded girlfriends for a fee. The girlfriend wears it for a couple of months and then when she gets tired of it, hands it back and it goes to another friend and on it goes.

Each would pay her a fee (discreetly of course) and within a short period not only does she cover the cost of buying the handbag but she continues to earn rental income from it long after it has been paid off.

And to make it even better, any new bags she buys from now on are considered a business expense and as such are tax deductible! How cool is that?

So, my friends, the question is… what can you do to earn yourself a few extra dollars each week without having to put in time-for-dollar?

For more Money Master Tips, click here: http://moneymasteryforwomen.com

Until next time,

Live life on your terms

Camilla x

Money Mastery Video Tip #10

JANUARY 04, 2012


Last week we discussed the concept of financial independence which for me, means that I am generating enough money each month to cover my living expenses so that I no longer have to work actively if I don’t want to. By having my basic needs met I can then choose to put my time, effort and energy into whatever pursuits I like. Even if that pursuit is making more income for myself.

Based on this theory there are two important things that we need to be acutely aware of: income and expenses.

Income is money coming in from your work, practice of profession, investments and the like. Expenses are money going out on basic necessities like food, clothing, rent or mortgage and all your other living and lifestyle costs.

What we need to understand is that having a high income does not automatically translate to having wealth. In fact, the size of your earnings has very little to do with your ability to achieve financial independence.

For example, compare a woman who earns $1,000 a month but habitually spends only $750 for her necessities with a woman who earns $1 million a month but has regular monthly expenses of $1.5 million? Who do you think is the more financially independent between them? Obviously, it is the woman earning only $1,000 per month.

Why? Because she appears to have made conscious and sound financial and lifestyle choices so that the money that goes out each month is well below the amount that comes in each month.

Financial Independence is something that can be achieved regardless of income size, family, educational background, gender, civil status or age. A single career woman in her 30’s can have as much chance of achieving financial independence as a high flying corporate lawyer in her 50s.

At the moment the statistics for women with regards to them being financially independent are horrific. So much so, that it is predicted that a new level of poverty will come into existence in Australia that being women retiring on less than $40K a year. In America, it’s less than $20k a year.

Most of these ‘baby boomer’ women were actually financially sound at one point in their lives. But for a number of reasons perhaps divorce, widowhood or the inability to say ‘no’ to their children, as they approach their sixties and seventies they are finding themselves in serious financial trouble.

Achieving financial independence can be relatively simple. There are thousands of books or blog entries as well as the internet that will give you information on how to achieve financial independence.

I myself teach strategies to help you achieve financial independence in my Money Mastery For Women workshop. No matter where you get your information from, no matter what you do to earn money for yourself, there are two basic, simple and practical ways to achieve a life free of financial worries.

The first is to spend less than you earn. Bottom line. If you want to become financially free. If you want to be able to start having one day off a month then you need to make sure that you manage your spending. For me it was a matter of cutting my expenses down to the very minimum for a while so that I did not have to earn as much money each money for my keep.

This is such a basic financial principle which I am sure every woman knows but not every woman practices. If you are used to a certain lifestyle, cutting your expenses may initially be quite difficult for you.

However, if like me your goal is to achieve financial independence, then you must force yourself to cut down your spending so that the ‘one day a month’s” income that you are going to replace is as small an amount as possible.

You need to spend only on the things that you need rather than on the things that fall into the “wants” category.

Obviously, once you start to earn more money and your basic expenses are taken care of on not just one but seven days a week then you can start to increase your spending on the things that fall into the ‘want’s’ category.

Next, save a percentage of your earnings religiously from each and every pay check. Again, this is a very basic principle that we should practice throughout all of our income-earning years.

Put that money into your “Prosperity” account and don’t ever touch it unless it is to invest in something that will give you a steady and good return.

There are a millions things you can invest in but we will talk more about on this topic in later sessions.

For now, I wish you well on your journey to Financial Independence and I hope that you can join me in one of my 2-day Money Mastery For Women workshops.

For more Money Master Tips,

click here: http://moneymasteryforwomen.com

Until next time,

Live life on your terms

Camilla x