I watched Camilla’s videos back in March and started my journey then. I’d spent 11 months without a steady income and BOY what an f*&^#ing scary place to be that was. Just when you think you’ve got it sorted financially, bang, life throws you a curve ball. Hearing Camilla’s story was great and gave me the resolve to get my own power back around money again.

I believe that the basic principles of the Money Mastery workshop are things that everyone should know. Most people are unconsciously unskilled in this area, particularly women. As a result of doing the workshop, I have newfound self-awareness and heightened EQ about my relationship with money that I know will change my future. I thank Camilla for that.

I only have myself to answer to about money. Having had to examine and then articulate my relationship with money during the workshop dragged up a lot of repressed emotions for me. It cracked open an insight for me on a number of levels. I really benefited from looking inwards and walked away from the weekend with a greater understanding of my drivers…., particularly the danger zone drivers.

I’m a seasoned marketer, and a hard nut to crack when it comes to a sales pitch; particularly if you’re approaching me on anything to do with money, self-development or online. Camilla not only found me in the sea of noise out there but the information she delivers really resonated with me. I am a fan!'



-Jackie Grundell, Milsons Point, NSW

I found the introductory talk Camilla gave at Jewish House very appealing and resonated with the topics that she discussed. I loved her energy, enthusiasm and positive yet realistic approach so I was not all sceptical about registering for her two-day Money Mastery For Women workshop.

The awareness and knowledge that I gained in the workshop around money and my relationship to it will benefit me in many ways. It has only been a week and already my confidence in myself & my ability to master my MONEY has increased enormously.

I would recommend the Money Mastery For Women workshop to everyone. Women of all ages ought to be fully aware of what is going on around their finances and this course is just what they need to help them get there.

-Michelle Sperling, Bondi Junction, Sydney

I decided to sign up for Camilla’s Money Mastery For Women workshop because I knew that I needed all the help I could get in the area of finance and money. Having worked with Camilla as my coach for some time, her coming to Perth was an opportunity too good to miss.

As a result of the workshop, I have already put a number of the things Camilla taught us into practice; the biggest one being, that I am starting to pay myself first!

Wow, what a challenge this has been. Money is tight for me at the moment and there are many others that need to be paid too, such as my credit card bill and my rent. Now, I love paying myself first. It feels really great to value myself in this way and it has made a huge impact on my relationship with money at present. Not only do I pay myself first but a positive shift has happened in the flow of money into my account, such that I now feel safe in the knowledge that others will also get paid as well.

I would recommend this workshop to every woman, no matter what their financial circumstances are at present. Knowing what I now know about managing my finances and mastering my money has made a huge difference in my world. I only wish I had known some of this years ago . . . but hey, as Camilla says, it is never too late to start.

-Neryl Petterson, Padbury, WA

I decided to attend the Money Mastery For Women workshop because Camilla has been my coach for some time and I felt that the workshop would be valuable and wanted to support it.

At the time I thought that I had my money pretty well mastered, but I thought I would learn some new ideas and have a chance to review my views on money. I also knew that any time spent with Camilla would be worthwhile.

Not in my wildest dreams did I anticipate the number of powerful insights I received during the workshop nor was I prepared for the incredible shift I got in my relationship with money. It was quite overwhelming.

I realized that setting financial goals for myself and my self-satisfaction was really important for me and I saw how some of my views towards money and creating wealth for myself had been holding me back.

I now have a new appreciation for what money brings to my life and am enjoying monitoring the way I spend money. I have also increased the dollar input into my superannuation fund and from now on will only use my Prosperity Account to buy gold!

I would thoroughly recommend Money Mastery For Women to all women everywhere. I honestly believe that this workshop is a ‘must do’ whether you are rich or poor; young or old.

So for all you young women starting out in life, – get into good habits and control your finances from the start. For all you older women who are in a relationship but don’t have financial control – the time to become financially empowered is NOW!

-Helen Anderson, Mt Claremont, Perth

I was keen to sign up for the Money Mastery Course after hearing Camilla speak at an event held by the National Council of Jewish Women.

Prior to attending the workshop, I was really slack with my spending and pretty much spent my money on autopilot.

The workshop has helped make me far more conscious of the money I spend and how my spending adds up. I have also begun to monitor my spending much better and have started to save much more conscientiously. For the first time ever, I feel that I have control over my finances.

I have opened a Prosperity Account and now pay myself first. I have also come to realize that spending money on my health and my self-growth is an investment in me and that I am worth it!

I thoroughly recommend this workshop to all women. Camilla’s energy and professionalism are inspiring and it has been a massive catalyst for self-awareness. Not just money-wise but for my life in general.

Thanks, Camilla.

Robyn Tsipris, Vaucluse, NSW

I believe your two-day seminar was fabulous and very worthwhile. I feel that I am back on a prosperous financial path and now have a very different relationship with money.

Since doing the course I have managed to amass a good chunk of money in my Prosperity Account, which will go towards a deposit for an investment property.

I would thoroughly recommend your workshop to all the women I know as I believe there is definitely a need for your teaching and coaching.

-Bev Nicholson

Hi Camilla, I thought you should know that since doing your workshop over a year ago; my partner and I are now living solely off our own money! Our overdraft no longer exists. Things have turned full circle for us financially. Our debt is getting less and less and my Prosperity Account is growing without my even trying!!!

-Terri Van Zomeren, Ashford, SA

I just wanted to say thank you very much for the excellent weekend Money Mastery Seminar. I really appreciated the structure of the weekend and your authentic presentation of so much great information.

After spending time in Mal Emery’s environment it is wonderful to see people grow from the information and seek out more. I think Paul and Mary Blackburn have been an inspiring example of this and now you are too!

Wishing you well as you Live Your Life on Your Terms and thank you again for being such an inspiration and for presenting so many key learnings, which I am now implementing into my life.


-Jane Watson, Director, The Headache Institute Unley, SA

Prior to attending Money Mastery For Women I was very ‘easy come, easy go” with my money. During my marriage, we were always in debt and I never had enough money in my purse.

Even though I had a certain level of control over how our day-to-day money was spent, I never felt that my husband allowed me to have any real say in our important financial decisions. I am happy to report that it is completely the opposite in my current relationship. I now earn and manage my own money and answer to nobody!

Since doing the workshop I have a new respect for money. I have rearranged my bank accounts and opened a Prosperity Account. I have also looked into what I am due in my UK pension which is just one of the financial things I have been putting off for I don’t know how long.

I have started monitoring my spending – I would have bought a scarf for $100 yesterday but instead the money went into my Prosperity Account – and I have a new respect for every 5-cent coin that comes my way.

I also have enlisted my willing partner to help me clear all the junk that we don’t need in the house. I saw that because he is untidy I had given up trying to keep the mess under control. After listening to your thoughts on clutter, I realized that If we didn’t have so much unnecessary stuff in the house, it would be far easier to keep clean and I’d feel more inclined to come home and relax instead of sitting in cafes with my E-books.

I am telling all women, whether they think they are ok and have their money under control, or think that they don’t have enough and are continually worried, to do this course as I believe it is a lifesaver and will change their thinking forever. Not only has It helped me to stand in my own power but I feel that I have got my life back and am in control of my money again.

Thanks, Camilla

-Cath Pirie, Little Hampton, SA

Prior to doing the MMFW course I felt completely overpowered by money. My need to make enough money to live on took away any pleasure I felt in earning it or spending it.

I registered for the workshop because I wanted to understand money better and have a more positive relationship with it.

Having spent two ‘full-on’ days with Camilla, I feel much more in charge of my money again. I feel that I will be the one who dictates the terms of our ‘relationship’ henceforth, not the other way around.

I am happy to say that I no longer feel guilty about earning a high salary and have a new sense of freedom in choosing what I want to do with it.

Camilla has taught me to honour myself and to pay myself first; to save more diligently and to account for my money better far better than I did before.

I also learned some well-defined wealth creation steps that have made a big difference quickly and almost effortlessly and I now have a much stronger framework in place which will encourage my money to work for me rather than I for it.

Even though I would have liked some more specific financial information about investments and mortgages etc, the emotional content of the workshop ensured there was plenty of learning for me.

It think this is a course that every man, woman and child should attend. It is empowering, practical and brilliantly presented. My only negative comment would be that perhaps it was a little too fast paced for those cash strapped girls who may have felt somewhat overwhelmed by all the information that they were given.

-Christine Empson, Adelaide SA

I attended the Money Mastery For Women course because I wanted to empower myself with like-minded beautiful women and to take a step towards doing something about my money situation at long last.

I used to live in scarcity and struggle. I am currently on welfare and am the sole parent of two girls. I once had a multi-million-dollar events business with my ex-husband but lost everything. As a result, I don’t trust anybody or anything and only make enough money to survive, which is really tiring.

As a result of the workshop, I feel motivated to do something about my financial situation. I feel like I have been given some hope.

I have opened a Prosperity Account and am beginning to pay off my debts, which feels great. I am also thinking about getting back into the events business – but doing it my way this time around.

I also learnt from your workshop how to value myself; my money and my life much more so I can be a better role model to my children. I want them to know that if I can do it – so can they.

The biggest awakening of all for me was to see just how much I didn’t believe in myself or in the possibility of my being rich and having it all.

If you want to learn more about being a master of your money then take the step and just listen to what Camilla has to say. Listening and getting motivated is the key.

The fact that she is making the workshop affordable to many is wonderful. To me, that’s a true sign of an entrepreneur.

You are going places, Camilla. I honour your journey and thank you for inspiring me. You are brave and walk your talk and that is something nobody can pretend to be. I hope that you continue to live your dreams.

-Danijela Todan, Albert Park SA

I decided to do the Money mastery workshop because I knew that I really needed help in managing my money. I needed to make plans for my retirement and felt that I could no longer keep putting my head in the sand.

My relationship with money has always been ‘easy come, easy go.’ Since doing the workshop I have experienced a significant change in how I think about money and become more aware of how important every dollar is – I have gained a far greater respect for the power of money.

I now watch and question every dollar I spend and make sure that I am allocating my money correctly. I have created a plan to pay off my debts using the tools I learnt in the workshop and have started to build up my Prosperity Account.

The most valuable thing about the workshop for me is the radical change in my mindset about money. I now realize that I can be wealthy if I want. It’s up to me.

For me, the workshop was an amazing experience that has changed my approach to money and given me hope for my financial future, both in the short and long term.

-Jill Phillips, Burnside, SA

Before I did your workshop, money was always ‘just there and didn’t rate highly in my list of values at all. Since doing your course my relationship with money is completely different and now has a much higher profile in my life.

Explaining your debt reduction strategy in such detail to me, helped to consolidate some other learning I’d had. I am now much more mindful about where my money goes and have become passionate about reducing my debt.

As a self-employed woman, I also loved learning how to charge for my services and how to feel confident in asking for top dollar.

I have been telling all my friends that the benefits of attending your workshop are HUGE! It’s an opportunity for to them take charge of their financial situation by spending time with an amazing woman who has loads of personal experience that she shares generously and with great passion.

I know that you have lived through many challenging financial situations Camilla and I loved the way you connected emotionally with me and the other women in the group by showing us your strength as well as your vulnerability. To me, you are living proof that by taking appropriate action, financial freedom is achievable for all women.

-Gabi Proc, St. Agnes, SA

I heard about the Money Mastery workshop from a girlfriend, Diane. She had just done it and knowing of my struggle with money thought that it would be perfect for me. At the time, my relationship with money was full of scarcity and fear and something that I felt I had no control over whatsoever.

I found the workshop really holistic. It pretty much-covered everything I wanted to know and I feel energized and empowered by the weekend.

I loved the hands-on aspect of it too. Sharing thoughts and ideas with other women and knowing that I am not alone, was a very powerful experience for me. I feel that I have been armed with enough tools to be able to deal with my money from now on with excitement and power and without dread and fear.

I am also much more aware of my self-talk by the way. I use very different language and terms now when talking about my financial situation and don’t sound like a victim anymore.

I understand that we ALL HAVE A CHOICE when it comes to being rich or poor and that we just have to make a start. I am so glad that I made that start and that I choose you as my mentor.

I will very happily recommend your course to all my friends. It was amazing!

-Coby Koster, Kensington, NSW

Camilla came into the store where I work and we started talking about what she did. When she told me about her Money Mastery workshop I went online that evening and booked myself in!

I had never really been one to worry about money previously. I was aware that I wasn’t taking any responsibility for my financial situation but tended to ignore the fact, choosing instead to shrug off any negative thoughts by telling myself that “I’m terrible with money anyway so don’t bother”.

Having done the workshop I don’t feel that way at all now. I have a newfound respect for money that I never had before. I understand what money is and I no longer feel fear or anxiety around money.

We covered so much in the two days that any more information would have been more than my brain could take in! What we covered was amazing.

For me, this workshop was the best investment I have ever made. The tools I learnt were incredibly easy and have changed my life forever. The workshop not only took away the fear I felt around money but it made me aware of my relationship to money, where my spending patterns have come from and how to go about changing them.

I recommend every woman do it. Whether you are good with money or find money challenging this information is for everyone. Just do it!

-Kirsty OShea, Dover Heights, NSW

... I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your Money Mastery for Women Seminar. It was a complete surprise!

A subject which I expected to be dry and boring you made fun and exciting. I learned so much over the weekend. I especially loved your debt-busting strategy which I have now put into practice and it works!

The supportive and safe environment of “women only” made for a great day of exploring money and our relationship with it. Thanks for a wonderful seminar. I not only learned a lot about money but had a great time and made new friends.

-Janet Stubbings, Whale Beach NSW

Wow! What a fantastic seminar! It has only been a week since the workshop and I feel like I am a completely different person already.

Seeing how my thoughts and old beliefs were stopping me from having wealth in my life has given me the opportunity to choose to do things differently.

No more spending on things I don’t need or want! Thanks to you, I know what I need to do now to not only get out of debt but to stop the poverty cycle that has been plaguing me once and for all.

Thank you, Camilla, you have made a huge difference in my life.

-Sandra Barnes, Mona Vale, NSW

The Money Mastery For Women seminar was extremely enlightening and informative and ‘fast passed’.

I loved Camilla’s lively thought-provoking approach to money management for women. Since the workshop, I have created a new budgeting strategy and feel very empowered in being able to create prosperous financial benefits for myself.

The most powerful aspect of this course was the strategy on how to watch where your money actually goes and as the bigger picture became more apparent, how to stop my frivolous spending.

I highly recommend this seminar to all who wish to start living a positive, prosperous future.

-Pam Bradbury, Scotland Island, NSW

I was recently released from a 10-year contract as a Brand Director with a private company and was looking at re-positioning my career.

Having worked for one employer for 10 years, the thought of entering the workplace arena again at 47 was quite daunting.

Camilla’s infectious enthusiasm coupled with her faith and confidence in the journey I was about to embark on, filled me with a sense of hope we would ‘somehow’ get there…

Over the last three months, Camilla definitely has been there every step of the way.

She is highly professional, always punctual for our sessions and does what she says she will do. She is definitely ‘walking her talk.

She has helped me to gain clarity around my financial situation and her financial knowledge has helped me to save thousands of dollars on home loan interest.

Working through the powerful Life Management units, I was able to really find myself My values and mission statement are now useful tools in making important life decisions.

I found our fortnightly coaching sessions such a valuable asset. To be honest, I wasn’t always ‘ready’ to talk to her each time, but her encouragement, her questioning and her intuitive sense of wisdom helped me to find the clarity I needed to take the next step.

Since working with Camilla, I now feel much more confident about who I am and my services and am laying the foundation for a healthy financial future.

I will forever be grateful to Camilla and can most certainly recommend her services which I experienced as a ‘magic wand’ to all those people who want to be the very best they can possibly be!

-Diana Kleitmans, Phillip Bay, NSW

Thanks so much for my Breakthrough coaching session. It was amazing.

I have been sidestepping my business commitment for some time now using many different distractions.

You quickly understood what I was up to and by listening and guiding me gently with some excellent questions, I was able to see for myself how I was sabotaging my success. It felt like the blinkers were taken off my eyes.

As a result, I am now able to identify clearly what my priorities are and how to make the best use of my time.

Over the past 2 weeks, I have implemented some of the things you suggested and the change in my has been amazing, I have been much more productive and my business is starting to flourish again.

Thanks, Camilla, you are an awesome coach. I look forward to working with you again.

-Sally Barnsdale, Clifton Hill, VIC

I won a voucher for three months of coaching with Camilla at my son’s school fair.

I did not know what to expect and went into my coaching sessions hoping that I would at least get “something positive” from our time together.

This is certainly very true on a number of levels.

Camilla gently encouraged me to spend time focusing on an issue that I had absolutely no desire to face. It turned out that this issue was in fact the thing in my life that was causing me enormous stress and anxiety.

I had a ball of anger inside me that my sessions with Camilla have helped me to uncoil.

I am very grateful to Camilla for her wisdom and clarity.

Thank you!

-Lindy Johnson, Avalon, NSW

Despite being already successful in my career and family I was searching for a way to generate passive income.

Although my husband and I had many investments, we came to realize that they weren’t very passive at all and had started to look for some help.

I had always thought that ‘coaching’ was a bit of a pain and that it was something I would never consider for myself. However, whilst attending a personal development workshop I won a free session with a coach and found out that the fact that I wasn’t as successful as I wanted to be was due to something on the inside of me.

I also saw that I was running on a treadmill with my work and family and that ultimately neither was getting the best of me as I was exhausting myself by trying to be everything for everyone. These realizations were a bit hard to take at first but realized that something was going to have to give.

This led me to Camilla. From the outset, I found that she seem to know just what I was thinking and what area I needed to work on at any given point in time. Camilla and I were very well suited to work together as I can often bluff my way out of actually confronting things and she was well awake to this and did not let me get away with it!

With Camilla’s help, I have made massive changes to the way that I was dealing with my life. I reached a crisis point in my marriage and Camilla’s coaching is one of the main reasons that I was able to address what was going on. With her help, I was able to save myself and my marriage and as a result, my family life is back in balance.

I now take time for myself and I make sure that everything I do is for the right reasons and not for someone else’s.

Camilla has also helped me to break through my financial ‘glass ceiling’. As a result of the work we have done together, I have successfully made the transition from employee to the business owner. It has been a fairly arduous journey as there were a lot of hidden issues that I was completely unaware of and which have come to the surface as a result of my going into business for myself

With Camilla’s help, I have unlocked many more talents which I didn’t realize I had and feel a sense of having unlimited potential.

I would thoroughly recommend Camilla to anyone who isn’t where they would like to be either on a personal or a business level. She knows when to push and when to back off to enable you to deal effectively with your blockages. She helps me to see clearly what’s is going on and I am left feeling a sense of having achieved success each time we talk.
Thank you, Camilla.

-Naomi Radke, Kangaroo Ground, VIC

I got to a point in my life when I realized that I wanted to achieve greater things within my business and on a personal level.

I needed to overcome personal challenges to enable myself to grow as a person and develop my expanding business. How was I going to achieve this? That is when Camilla came into my life as a life coach.

It was an enlightening experience working on all issues alongside Camilla. I was enabled to put into place my vision for my business and fine-tune my personal skills. I was encouraged to step out of my comfort zone in both personal and business areas.

For the first time in my life, I was moving forward in a direction that achieved balance in all areas.

WOW! I cannot believe who I am today and what I have achieved with my coaching program. It has given me tools and life skills that have set me up for life. Priceless!

I would readily recommend Camilla Mendoza to anyone who wants to go forward in his or her life.

-Suzi White, The White House Productions 2nd May 2010