Q: What is Money Mastery For Women?

Money Mastery For Women is a source of financial education helping women to make effective, prosperous changes in the area of money and finance. We help women identify the negative patterns of behaviour constricting their ability to create wealth for themselves and then provide simple, practical tools, tips and strategies to start them on the journey to financial independence. We are not financial advisors and as such do not give financial advice of any kind. What we offer is financial education to help you change your ‘mindset’ about money. Our aim is to help you to understand more fully the ‘game of making money so you can start to develop and create financial independence for yourself.

7 Biggest Mistakes That Women Make With Money
Q: How do we impart our knowledge?

We conduct women-only workshops in Sweden, UK, USA and Australia and then provide ongoing support from a variety of different coaching programs.

Q: What is Money Mastery For Women?

“… in my role as a finance broker, I came across many women who were extremely unhappy with their lives and who felt completely ‘trapped’ due to their financial situation. Being able to help them break free of their constraints so they could start to prosper again, not just around wealth creation but in all areas of their lives is an awesome gift. Like everything in life, it’s just a matter of having the right ‘tools‘ in your toolbox to work with. If I can do it, anyone can. ” says Camilla…. “With the way things are heading money-wise around the globe today, I believe it is time for women everywhere to learn how to master their money so that it does not master them! It is vital for all women to gain financial education and an understanding of their own relationship to money so that they can become financially independent in their own right.” To hear more about what others are saying about the Money Mastery For Women workshop for more details on what to expect & upcoming dates for the Money Mastery for Women Workshops. For more information on Life or Business coaching please, if you have any questions or queries, send Camilla an email,. Remember to DOWNLOAD your Free Report by filling in the box at the top right-hand side of this page. “The Seven Biggest Mistakes That Women Make With Money”

Camilla is a qualified life/business coach and a dynamic, passionate public speaker. Working with women on their finances for well over 10 years has led her to put together a package of information which she believes women of all ages need to know. With the alarming global trend moving further toward women having to retire with insufficient funds to keep them above the poverty line, Camilla is committed to helping as many women as she can become financially independent. With a background in finance, marketing and public relations in addition to over 15 years of study in the area of personal development, Camilla combines practical knowledge with highly effective, thought-changing processes to help her clients transform their current mindset so they can start to produce outstanding results in every area of life. Especially in the area of creating wealth. As a single mother with two kids and very little tertiary education, Camilla knows what it feels like to struggle with money. Coming from a background completely void of financial education she was at a total loss to find herself at one point almost destitute and looking down the barrel of financial receivership. Through working on her own beliefs and changing the way she related to the money she has managed to turn her life around and can show you how to do the same


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