This workshop will change your life!

Do you find yourself…
  • Lying awake at night stressing about your finances?
  • Feeling frightened that you don't have nearly enough money in your pension fund to retire on and it looks like you're going to have to keep working until your 90?

  • Getting frustrated and angry because no matter how hard you work you never seem to get ahead financially?

  • Are you concerned that you are not doing enough to manage and protect the wealth you have?

  • Do you earn a good salary but never seem to have any money left at the end of the month?

  • Have absolutely no idea where your money goes each month. It just seems to vanish into thin air!
  • Are you fed up with having less money in the bank after investing in something than when you began?

7 Biggest Mistakes That Women Make With Money.


If so CONGRATULATIONS! You have come to the right place. Finally, a workshop created by women for women will teach you how to start manifesting sustainable wealth for yourself, whatever 'wealthy' means to you.

My name is Camilla Mendoza and I was once a finance broker but for the past 12 years have been working as a business mentor and life coach helping small business owners and entrepreneurs create sustainable income streams for themselves. What I have learnt as a consequence of working with hundreds of women on their finances has led me to put together a package of information which I believe EVERY woman needs to know.

Join my 2-day intensive, Money Mastery For Women workshop and learn what you need to do to get control of your finances so that you can MASTER YOUR MONEY rather than have it master you.

Let me show you why manifesting money into your life has absolutely nothing to do with how much you earn, how much you spend or the fact that you are a woman but everything to do with your money ‘mindset’ and your deep-down beliefs about being wealthy.

No more procrastinating or burying your head in the sand. If you know you need help getting a handle on your wealth then this workshop will teach you exactly what you need to do.

First up we will have a good hard look at your patterns of behaviour around money; what you were taught by the people you listened to as a child; your money 'story' as it were and the subconscious beliefs that are now running your actions when it comes to creating wealth. Is your financial 'blueprint' not working? Well, let's toss it away and create a new one!

You will also learn the philosophy of wealth creation, what money is and how to attract it to you easily and in ever-flowing amounts. Those that have wealth didn't just get it by accident, there is a formula; a system that you need to know if you want to be wealthy too.

I will share with you many of the fundamental principles of wealth creation and my tried and tested system for getting back onto a firm financial footing - fast.

I will teach you a great strategy which will help you to become debt free quickly and easily. That means no more juggling minimum payments on your credit cards and worrying if you’re getting rid of your debt purposefully or not. You will go home with lots of practical tips, tools and strategies that will set you firmly you on your path to prosperity.

...Det här är ingen ekonomi-utbildning – utan såå mycket mer! Det bästa med den här kursen var att jag fick både djupa inre insikter om mitt eget förhållningssätt till pengar och samtidigt konkreta verktyg, tips och instruktioner om hur jag kan göra på ett nytt sätt för att skapa nya resultat. Read more...

Maria Vikman

Did you know that statisticians are predicting that by the year 2020 there will be a new level of poverty in the world? Is that being women retiring on less than $40,000 per year? Scary thought isn’t it? Think about it ….how many women do you know who are struggling with money issues in their latter years?

For many women making money is a completely foreign concept. Most of us were taught next to nothing about how to make money or manage our finances growing up. In my own home, the mere mention of money or asking how much things cost was considered rude and unladylike!

… It was really encouraging and inspiring to listen to the other participants’ stories and have the opportunity to spend quality time focusing just on money. Gaining insight into my attitude towards money was eye-opening and learning all the practical tips and strategies on how to take control of my money will be enormously beneficial to me in the future... Read more...

Anne Finnerty 

Principal Solicitor, Sydney Legal Support

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...I loved the workshop. I found the information practical and easy to implement and felt heartened by the fact that it's never too late to start creating wealth. By following Camilla's ‘foolproof’ system which combines simple techniques, good common sense and sound financial management, I now have the tools I need to be able to do it. Read more...

Dahlia Dior 

Woollahara NSW

Financial education was certainly not part of my school’s curriculum. At no point in my years of schooling did anyone teach me anything useful about money. What about you? I remember being nagged by my father into opening a 'savings' account but that was about it. There was certainly no education about how to actually create wealth for me let alone the universal laws of manifesting money.

What I have come to learn is that money is simply an exchange of value and making money is a way of keeping score as to how much value you are giving out to the world. Earning money is really just a game; a game that most women are already playing but unfortunately for most, they are playing it without knowing the rules. No wonder they never seem to win!

Wealthy people understand the game of money… most of them were taught by their parents as children. By the time they are ready to start creating wealth for themselves, they are well versed in the rules. Not only have they learnt how to play the game but because they began to play long before most others on the planet, they are far more experienced and play it well.

The Money Mastery For Women workshop will not only teach you the rules of the money game but give you the strength and strategies to help you win.

Having worked with women on their finances for all these years I know that putting time, effort and energy into becoming wealthy without the proper money mindset or without proper financial education, is a complete and utter waste of time.

Trying to become wealthy without a ‘prosperous mindset’ is like trying to swim with bricks tied to your feet. It’s impossible. And yet many women keep diving into the pool with bricks tied firmly to their ankles and wonder why they keep on drowning!

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In this workshop, you will...
  • Discover how to unblock the ‘money patterns that are sabotaging your ability to create wealth
  • Learn a simple, step-by-step strategy to get rid of ALL your debt in under six years including the car and the mortgage
  • Discover strategies to help clean up your financial mess and get you back on track
  • Acquire a wealth creation strategy that will set you up for life
  • Understand your financial ‘makeup’ and how to use it to your advantage

In case you are wondering why this workshop is for women only, well my answer is because of the demand. Feedback from those who have attended Money Mastery For Women has told me that spending time alone with other women allows them a safe space to focus solely on themselves and their financial situation. No it is not easy but most women don't ever take the time to do it which is why they struggle. There is real value for them in being able to talk about money with someone who really ‘gets them’ and who shares their worries and concerns. Women have a completely different set of values to men and it is important that we are able to explore these differences for ourselves in an environment where we don’t feel embarrassed or judged.

Please don’t get the impression that the only women who will benefit from this workshop are those that are financially inept or struggling. You’d be surprised by how many seemingly wealthy women have massive financial issues too. Issues like overspending….closets full of clothes and shoes that are never ever worn. Some of them have not even been taken out of their packaging. Believe me, I’ve seen it all! Having more wealth than others often just means having more debt and financial obligations than others. The money-to-debt ratio is the same.

Many women I work with have underlying issues with self-esteem. For most of them, this has a direct correlation with their spending patterns and their relationship to money.

There are also women who for whatever reason feel they are not smart enough or learned enough to talk to people who are financially savvy and as a result, allow themselves to get bullied into so-called ‘opportunities’ that are detrimental to their wealth.

Perhaps you are one of those women? Or maybe you are someone who is being drained financially by your children or other family members because you just don’t know how to say ‘NO’. Or are you just bored with your life and spend money simply to keep yourself amused?

...I was keen to do the Money Mastery For Women workshop because the creation of wealth seemed to be eluding me and I knew I needed help in getting my spending under control. I learned so much from the workshop and my attitude towards money and finances has now changed profoundly.

I enjoyed every minute and would highly recommend it to everyone. Not just because it deals with money and wealth creation but also with how to take back control of your life. Thank you for giving so much of yourself Camilla, I will be honest in saying that your workshop has changed my life. Read more...

Tessa Pillemer
Cammeray, NSW

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Whatever your issues I promise that you will get massive benefits from the Money Mastery For Women workshop. Primarily because we go to work on you and address the issues that are causing you to struggle financially.

Perhaps you are someone who has handed control of the family finances to your partner. And, now that you are both getting older you are starting to be concerned that if anything happens to them, you will be left in a financial mess! If this is you then it is imperative for your future well-being that you encourage your partner to teach you about your financial affairs. But how do you go about doing that if after 50 years together it has never come up in conversation before? They may think that you want to know because you are about to leave them.

In the Money Mastery For Women workshop, I will not just teach you how to get your, partner, to share with you what is going on with your financial affairs… but how to do it in a way that will make them thrilled and delighted that you are finally taking an interest!

We all know that a problem shared is a problem halved so maybe it’s time that you helped your partner with some of these issues and didn’t just leave the stress of having to deal with the household finances on their shoulders anymore.

Many of the women I meet are frightened about their ability to survive once they retire. We have all seen ads on television regarding investing for our retirement. Just when are we supposed to kick back and start living for ourselves – travelling, spending time with the grandkids and so on? More and more women are being forced to stay in the workforce because they simply can not afford to retire. I’ve read reports that say we’re going to have to stay working until we are 72!

I don’t know about you, but that is not something I would like.

So if you’re fed up with the struggle. Fed up with the feeling of uncertainty that what you’re doing with your money or investments is the right thing or if you would like to learn some great strategies to help you have more wealth in your life, then now is the time to act.

Register into Money Mastery For Women NOW!

For those of you that are already financially sound, perhaps you are concerned that you are not doing enough to manage and protect your wealth yourself. That you are leaving the responsibility in the hands of someone else and relying on them to manage it for you.

If you are to create wealth for yourself you have to learn how to become an ‘active’ investor. Not a ‘passive’ one. You need to be able to read a balance sheet or a profit and loss statement so that you know exactly what is going on.

So many women think that it is all too hard and hand the management of their finance over to someone else. We all know that no one will manage your money as well as you do

You know that you need to get a handle on your finances but just don’t know where to start. The benefit and learning that you get from this course will leave you feeling 100% in control of all of your assets 100% of the time. You won’t have to fret anymore.

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